Tips and Tricks for Easier Traveling With Babies and Toddlers

Tips and Tricks for Easier Traveling With Babies and Toddlers

It is without a doubt that traveling with babies and toddlers can be extremely challenging- but it doesn’t have to be! We millennial parentsare extremely lucky in that we have access to resources that our parents only dreamed of. With a little patience, planning, and perhaps a glass of wine (or two!) your dream family vacation can become a reality. Here are some helpful steps to get your growing family off the couch and on the road.

First things first, choose a location:

Here in San Diego in beautiful Southern California, there are tons of family friendly destinations that will excite parents and kids alike- and with good reason! With 70 miles of beautiful beaches and world-class attractions like SeaWorld, Safari Park, San Diego Zoo, Legoland in combination with budget friendly hotels and dining choices- your family is guaranteed to have an extraordinary experience. Icing on the cake…… everything is within a 25minute drive with little to no traffic (unlike our Los Angeles friends up North).

Second step, collaborate and prioritize!

What are some things you as parents are really looking forward to experiencing? What are your kids really hoping to do? Where are these activities located? Build a list. With so many things to do, it is easy to run you and your family thin on time and resources, so by developing a focused list, you are sure to cultivate an experience that feels fulfilling for the entire family while prioritizing resources and time in the correct places.

Once you have a list of activities, its time to map them out.

This will help you access how much geography needs to be covered and where a strategic midpoint would be so you can reduce time spent in the car and make more time available for laughing and fun. To save on cost, we strongly recommend using sites like or depending on whether families are looking to stay at a hotel or vacation rental here in San Diego. Once you have a place in mind, think about the things that you will have to bring for your children to make sure they are comfortable. Is your baby a fussy sleeper? Making sure your hotel or vacation rental has a crib will be paramount to a successful trip! Most VRBOs do not offer sleeping options for little ones, so services like Baby Travel Needs could be a great option to rent baby equipment like cribs, highchairs or strollers at low price.

Next, Develop a list!

Now that you have found a cost-effective place and have taken care of the necessities for your familiesbasic needs, its time to develop a list of everything you’d like to bring to ensure a smooth trip. The last thing you want to do is have a great trip planned without considering the intricacies of your preciouslittle…. That could end up in a disaster. Below you can find a prefabricated check list for your baby where you can prioritize everything you need to bring vs everything you’d like to bring and develop a plan of how to get it there…. Do you want to stuff the car to the brim? Is it easier to rent it a low daily cost? Do you want to bring smaller items and rent bulkier ones? You decide!

Its Booking Time

Now that you have place in mind considering all your little ones needs, its time to book! The weekends are always fun in SD but you may want to consider a mid-week adventure tooas a way minimize weekend chaos.San Diego is a city with a ton of culture and has a vibe all its own, so no matter how much or how little you end up doing, it will undoubtedly be a trip that will last a lifetime!

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