Baby Travel Needs is baby equipment rental/concierge service here to deliver and set up all your bulky baby goods at your location of choice, so you don’t have to! We relieve the heartache and anxiety of traveling with the laundry list of the very necessary baby goods, giving you the comforts of your own home without having to pack it. Baby Travel Needs standardization of quality products combined with the precision of process, promises to offer the most reliable, professional, and standard of care service for you and your little ones when traveling to your adventure.

Our mission as company is to relieve the stress of traveling parents by providing tools for babies and children that are not industry standard. By doing this, parents feel supported by having the freedom to vacation in total ease and comfort with equipment your babies require in their routine.

Baby Travel Needs proudly donates all lightly used children’s furniture to local public health organizations here in Southern California that have a stake in parents and children from under-privileged backgrounds and low socioeconomic statuses.


Its easy! First you develop a list of all the baby/children’s goods you will need for your trip. Second, you shop for the items in the “shop” tab listed above. We strongly encourage our customers to shop the bundled products based on their final destination as it will save time in their search for things they may need and gets the items at a discounted bundled price. Once you have picked your products, you will then specify how may days you’d like to have it. You then add it to your shopping cart where during the checkout process you will divulge the drop off location and preferred time of drop off and pick up of the goods. You will then receive a confirmation email summarizing your order and details. Staff will usually call the purchaser based on contact information provided to confirm the order details
24- 48 hours before the trip- and viola! You’re done!

Baby Travel Needs understands each trip is different, with specific needs for each independent family. So, if you have more particular questions, we encourage you to visit the “Frequently Asked Question” page or give us a call! Our friendly and professional staff is always happy to answer any concerns you may have.


Is there a minimum order requirement?

No, we do not require an order price threshold to be met. You can order for one day or one year -- our goal is to make your trip the most comfortable no matter how long, or short, it is!

What cities do you service?

We serve all of Southern California which includes Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego County at a base delivery fee starting at $60. We do deliver outside the territory but at an increased service fee due to employee travel time, gas prices and route delineations. We would encourage you to call us to get an exact service fee quote.

Does Baby Travel Needs do the set up?

Yes, we do! Following our strict Covid protocol, our masked and vaccinated staff will set up all the children goods based on room preferences at no extra cost. All goods come with easy to follow instructions on how to assemble/use -- should you want to relocate or collapse any of the items.

Can I pick up the items myself?

 No. At this time, due to liability concerns, we do not allow customers in the warehouse area.

What happens if I need to cancel?

We will refund 100% of the purchase up to 3 days before the delivery date. If a cancelation needs to occur 24- 71 hours before the delivery date, we will charge a flat $60 cancellation fee. 

Who owns the furniture I am renting?

Unlike many of our competitors, Baby Travel Needs purchases and owns all baby goods available for rent. This ensures the quality of furniture/goods is consistent no matter when or what you are renting. Customers know that they are getting the caliber of products they are hoping for and experiencing a professional service that we as a business aim to deliver! Also, once items are designated as being gently used, they are donated to local women’s shelters and charities across Southern California.


As a mom myself, the quality and cleanliness of our products is our top priority! Our mattresses are stored in a climate-controlled environment in mattress covers to make sure they stay perfectly clean. Linens and other removable fabrics are washed in a hot wash cycle using Seventh Generation Free and Clear detergent. This detergent is hypoallergenic and 100% free of perfumes and dyes as well as cruelty free. Although we use hypoallergenic detergent, if your baby has extremely sensitive skin, you may want to consider bringing your own crib sheet to avoid any sensitivity as your baby is used to your detergent. All equipment and surfaces that are not able to be laundered with hot water and detergent are cleaned with Seventh Generation Free and Clear all-purpose spray followed by a wipe down using boiling water to ensure all residue is completely off.


Southern California

If you want to confirm if we can deliver to your city, give us a call at +1 (818) 854-1072

We Serve Southern California

If you want to confirm delivery to your location, give us a call at +1 (818) 854-1072